Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to make money online the easy way

You can get all the traffic (and rankings) in the world, and it doesn’t mean SQUAT unless you’re:

1. Targeting the right market

2. Promoting the right offer

So that’s what we’ll be covering in this article - and subsequent articles

For this article, I’ll be focusing on choosing profitable markets as an affiliate marketer, and not with other monetization methods(such as AdSense), which I’ll cover at a later date.

Affiliate marketing is all about facilitating sales.

It’s not about “convincing” your visitors to buy something. It’s also not about stuffing 40 banners on each page, hoping “something” will work.

It’s about targeting searchers and visitors that are OBVIOUSLY buyers - based on their behaviour - and then simply giving them what they already want. (Much easier to do than trying to “convince” a person to buy…)

So what we first of all need to do is determine which markets are not only profitable - but viable in terms of our own efforts.

Here are the fundamentals rules for finding profitable markets:

1. Evidence of Sales Volume -

Use transparent networks like Clickbank, CJ, ShareaSale and others that CLEARLY display the general popularity of the products in the network.

This will show you markets that have plenty of sales activity.

These are the markets where you want to operate - even in some of the ultra competitive markets.

If a product isn’t moving - at least in a decent comparitive volume - then leave it for now and stick to what you KNOW people are buying…

2. Do the Numbers Work? -

You’re not in this business for charity. Don’t waste your time promoting offers or programs that pay “peanuts”.

Even though this isn’t always accurate, make the safe “assumption” that it will take about 100 visitors sent to the merchant for each sale (a 1% conversion rate).

Given that assumption, evaluate how much “guestimated” traffic it would take to earn a decent amount from any given program or product.

With an offer that only pays out $5.00 per sale, for example, you’d have to refer about 1,000 visitors a day TO THE MERCHANT (not just visitors on your site) in order to make $50 a day.

But if you’re promoting something that pays, say $50 a sale or so, then you’d only have to drive a tenth of the traffic.

This is a generalization, but at the same time - you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to make MORE money, just by promoting stuf with a higher price tag.


3. How Much Overall Demand Can You “Tap” Into? -

This is a research skill that develops with time, but in general the more popular keyword tools (like WordTracker or Google’s keyword tool) will show you roughly how much “demand” exists within a given market.

The key is to find markets with profitable, workable offers that are OBVIOUS SELLERS, where there are thousands of “traffic channels” and topics that you can “tap”.

One example is the “Learn Guitar” niche.

There is such a huge spread of viable, targeted keywords (topics) that you could literally build site after site after site (or one huge site) comprising of THOUSANDS of different keyword targets…

…which would equal big, big traffic. (And big, big, sales)

And this is a big part of it. Instead of simply going after theobvious keywords like “learn guitar” - you simply evaluate what ELSE the market searches for…

There are tools for this - but often common sense works just as well.

(We’ll cover these in more detail in future articles)…

So those are the fundamentals of finding PROFITABLE markets.

1. Identify the Obvious Sellers

2. Only Promote Products with Lucrative/Workable Commissions

3. Ensure That There Is Enough of a “Keyword Range” (amount of content that you can create) to Generate Ample Traffic.

Of those, the most crucial - by far - is being able to recognize products that are selling, and selling well.

And the simplest way to determine this - and it’s very effective, no fancy tools needed - is to simply look at what’s popular on the following

And so on.

Look at what’s working for OTHER affiliates, and obviously selling.

Then just - essentially - do the same thing in your OWN way, with your
OWN content.

That is the simplest, and most effective way to find profitable markets…

And it will make link-building with and SEO/traffic
building in general a whole heck of a lot MORE profitable for you.


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