Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to make money online the easy way

You can get all the traffic (and rankings) in the world, and it doesn’t mean SQUAT unless you’re:

1. Targeting the right market

2. Promoting the right offer

So that’s what we’ll be covering in this article - and subsequent articles

For this article, I’ll be focusing on choosing profitable markets as an affiliate marketer, and not with other monetization methods(such as AdSense), which I’ll cover at a later date.

Affiliate marketing is all about facilitating sales.

It’s not about “convincing” your visitors to buy something. It’s also not about stuffing 40 banners on each page, hoping “something” will work.

It’s about targeting searchers and visitors that are OBVIOUSLY buyers - based on their behaviour - and then simply giving them what they already want. (Much easier to do than trying to “convince” a person to buy…)

So what we first of all need to do is determine which markets are not only profitable - but viable in terms of our own efforts.

Here are the fundamentals rules for finding profitable markets:

1. Evidence of Sales Volume -

Use transparent networks like Clickbank, CJ, ShareaSale and others that CLEARLY display the general popularity of the products in the network.

This will show you markets that have plenty of sales activity.

These are the markets where you want to operate - even in some of the ultra competitive markets.

If a product isn’t moving - at least in a decent comparitive volume - then leave it for now and stick to what you KNOW people are buying…

2. Do the Numbers Work? -

You’re not in this business for charity. Don’t waste your time promoting offers or programs that pay “peanuts”.

Even though this isn’t always accurate, make the safe “assumption” that it will take about 100 visitors sent to the merchant for each sale (a 1% conversion rate).

Given that assumption, evaluate how much “guestimated” traffic it would take to earn a decent amount from any given program or product.

With an offer that only pays out $5.00 per sale, for example, you’d have to refer about 1,000 visitors a day TO THE MERCHANT (not just visitors on your site) in order to make $50 a day.

But if you’re promoting something that pays, say $50 a sale or so, then you’d only have to drive a tenth of the traffic.

This is a generalization, but at the same time - you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to make MORE money, just by promoting stuf with a higher price tag.


3. How Much Overall Demand Can You “Tap” Into? -

This is a research skill that develops with time, but in general the more popular keyword tools (like WordTracker or Google’s keyword tool) will show you roughly how much “demand” exists within a given market.

The key is to find markets with profitable, workable offers that are OBVIOUS SELLERS, where there are thousands of “traffic channels” and topics that you can “tap”.

One example is the “Learn Guitar” niche.

There is such a huge spread of viable, targeted keywords (topics) that you could literally build site after site after site (or one huge site) comprising of THOUSANDS of different keyword targets…

…which would equal big, big traffic. (And big, big, sales)

And this is a big part of it. Instead of simply going after theobvious keywords like “learn guitar” - you simply evaluate what ELSE the market searches for…

There are tools for this - but often common sense works just as well.

(We’ll cover these in more detail in future articles)…

So those are the fundamentals of finding PROFITABLE markets.

1. Identify the Obvious Sellers

2. Only Promote Products with Lucrative/Workable Commissions

3. Ensure That There Is Enough of a “Keyword Range” (amount of content that you can create) to Generate Ample Traffic.

Of those, the most crucial - by far - is being able to recognize products that are selling, and selling well.

And the simplest way to determine this - and it’s very effective, no fancy tools needed - is to simply look at what’s popular on the following

And so on.

Look at what’s working for OTHER affiliates, and obviously selling.

Then just - essentially - do the same thing in your OWN way, with your
OWN content.

That is the simplest, and most effective way to find profitable markets…

And it will make link-building with and SEO/traffic
building in general a whole heck of a lot MORE profitable for you.

Buat Duit Di Internet Dari Rumah

Have you ever wonder why some people are so rich and some people are poor? How many of you actually manage to buat duit online? I would say not many. If there were a lot of people that actually make money, there will not be poor people.

Let's just say that I started not making money at all. I tried google Adsense and made so little money that it's not worth it. However I did a lot of research. I wanted to know what is the best way to make money. Although Adsense offers the easier way to make money it is not necessary that easy, in a sense.

Just bear with me for a moment. Let's say you have a lot of people that visit your niche blog. It could be about affiliate marketing, seo or forex trading and many more, but how do you translate these visit to money with adsense? How do you want make people want to click on your advertisement?

I think there is a technique out there that some people have master over the internet. After reading a post, how do you make the reader want to click on an advertisement? Now that is the art to PPC. You might have 1000 visitors, but if no one bother clicking anything, you won't get any money.

In a way, I was like you. I was skeptical in clicking any adverts. I thought they were scams. However one day I decided to give it a try and guess what, it really work. And it did help me make some cash and passive income. Don't you want to sit at home everyday and just blog online while making duit?

Sometimes, you just need the right direction or someone to show you the way to buat duit online. Sometime you might not find the right way, but try harder and eventually you will get what you finally deserve.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buat duit online untuk Duit Raya

Sometimes it's hard to believe the advertisement that will help you to buat duit online. I mean they promise you to be an internet jutawan in a short time amount of time.

I have bought many ebooks so that I could try to make some money online. So far I have been really successful. I have menjana wang RM 20, 000 in a couple of months. You have to work hard to really succeed. There is no short cut in this.

Just check out my bank account as of August 20, 2009.

make money online

It's important to work hard. Do you think that John Chow made money over night? Of course not. He work had and finally made it big. It takes time and effort to earn that huge amount of cash just blogging. You have to offer to your reader what no other blogs offer.

It's has been a long road for me as well. I have tried many buat duit online product and finally found the one that suit me. Some of the products out there are just scam and not worth it. However some are real legitimate ways to help you make money. Although it may take a while but you have to work hard and eventually you will see the success.

Duit Raya Tak Cukup? Lihat Bagaimana saya menjana RM 20,000 dalam sebulan secara halal

Next month will be Hari Raya. You will be spending a lot of duit, beli sofa baru, kenduri, rantai emas, baju baru and many more.

Tak CUKUP Duit RAYA?? Mahu Panduan Buat Duit??

Pada mulanya saya agak skeptikel untuk cuba cara mebuat duit online dari rumah, tetapi dengan izin tuhan saya mendapat RM 20,000.00 dalam SATU BULAN!!! Saya mengunakan beberapa teknik...

Now I can celebrate Hari Raya dengan duit yang cukup. Tak perlu risau lagi.
Nak tahu rahsianya? Biar saya kongsi produk yang saya gunakan....

Ia bermula dengan Mahu Panduan Buat Duit, Jana Pendapatan dan Buat Duit Online 24 Jam

Anda mungkin akan membuat lebit banyak duit...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you have enough DUIT RAYA for this festive season?

Well, well, well, it looks like the festive season will soon be upon us. Everyone knows that during festive season we need to spend extra duit.

Adakah anda mahu RM 3800 Sehari dan panduan membuat duit?

Anak dan isteri nak baju baru untuk raya? Can you afford it? Jangan risau. You still can buat duit dari rumah dengan cepat. Don't believe me? Have a look.

Anda hanya perlu segera daftar dan upgred

Apa anda tunggu lagi? Tak nak duit raya? Tak nak jadi kaya? Orang bodoh memang tak suka buat duit.Adakah anda bodoh? Masih Tak percaya?

Well the choice it's up to you. I won't tell you how I made all this money but what I can tell you is that it starts with "Buat Duit Dari Rumah" and "RM500 Dlm akaun Maybank..."
Sunguh mudah dan cepat, kalau nak jadi KAYA then....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adakah anda mampu menjana RM 20,000 dalam 6 bulan? Akhirnya, saya menjumpai rahsia jutawan automatik

Have you ever wonder how anyone could make money with a technique called the jutawan automatik or also better known as formula luar biasa which is paling hot in Malaysia at that time? Well at first I was sceptical (ragu- ragu).

Adakah saya pasti akan membuat duit selepas membeli product itu?

Sometimes we things that the advertisement displayed on blogs are useless. That was what I thought. One day, I click on an advertisement and it changed my life.

After reading the details on the website, I decided to purchase it.

So what do I think of the product? Just have a look.

buat duit online

buat wang

Well, RM 20,000 in six months? All I say is that I am glad I bought the product.

So what is the product? Apakah rahsia product yang boleh menjana RM 20,000?

All I can say that this product is "Paling Hot Di Malaysia" and "RM500 Dlm akaun Maybank..."

You make the decision....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Buat Duit Online Secara Mudah

Anda mahu buat duit online secara mudah and menjana UDS 50 sehari? Anda akan menjadi kaya serta merta.

Have you seen adverts like these that promise you the riches? Well, if it's true the blog owner could be super reach by now. Believe or not there are people that make a lot of money of the internet.

One of the best way to get traffic to your website is through organic search. When people search on the term buat duit, it will list all the blogs or websites that are relevant to your term.

One of the reasons why google love blogs so much is because of it's contents. If you update your blog on a regular basis, google crawlers will think that your blog is of relevance and tend to rate your blog higher.

It is advisable to update your blog at least once a day especially on such a competitive term as buat duit online.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buat duit di internet with newsletter

Buat Duit Di Internet With Traffic

One of the most effective way of driving traffic to you affiliate site so that you can buat duit di internet is by writing newsletters. Normally affiliates increase their customer base by grabbing their visitor emails.

In order to find these newsletter, all you need to is just do a quick search on the internet. You will find thousands of newsletters. The sad part is that majority of them are not making money. However if you know the secret it could mean that you are on your way to buat duit online.

1.What is your niche
The best way to fully maximize benefits from your newsletter, the articles should be related to your niche. For example if you niche is photography, do not publish articles about SEO. The readers will be turn off and just delete your newsletter.

2.A personal touch
Nothing is more effective that actually writing the newsletter yourself. This provides a personal touch and your readers will love your for that. These days some newsletters seem like spam on the internet or some robot generated paragraphs.

If you do not have the time or skill it is a good idea to hire someone professional to do it. In the long run you will benefit more if quality newsletter than no newsletter at all. Make sure that you get the final right to the article so that you can modify it when necessary.

3. Not too many times
Your news letter should only be published at least once every two weeks. If you have the resources, it would be better if your newsletter can be publish weekly. That will get the attention of your readers. However anything more than that and it will be junk. Your newsletter could be about the most unique way of buat duit , but it might just be deleted because of the number of newsletters that your readers receive per week.

4. Create incentives
One way to draw more attention is to create incentives for your readers such as offering free downloads or competition that offer prizes. Everyone loves free thing. That way it can definitely increase the number of visitors which in return will generate more sales.

These simple methods will ensure that your affiliate sales will increase over time. However try to think outside the box when it comes to buat duit di internet. You might be surprise of the result.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Buat Duit Di Internet

Do you love to write? If you do you could be buat duit di internet by writing articles on websites such as eHow or Helium. Today we will take a look at how eHow could help you buat duit.


This website is a basically a community that provides articles or videos to help people solve live daily simple problems. These articles are written by common folk like you and me.

Becoming an eHow member.

Just like any other websites, you will need to register to become member. It is simple process and all you just need to do is provide your relevant information such as your name, email address , username and so on. Once your account is created you can start making money.

Buat Duit with eHow

Every writer that contributed an article or video to eHow are able to buat duit. The more popular the your article, the more payment you receive. Therefore when you write an article make sure that it will be popular. And in order to do that you will have to put your heart and soul to ensure that the article that you produce is of highest quality.

If you want to buat duit cepat then eHow is not the best solution for you. Some writers have claim that they have easily made about $1000 dollars per month. However you will need to have written a lot of articles to earn that kind of passive income.

The only downside to eHow is that payment is only available to US citizens. You might be thinking, so what's the point if I am not from the US?

Well think of eHow as a platform to promote your blog or website. Your articles will be expose to millions of readers out there and I am sure that you will see an increase of traffic to your blog. However if you are a US citizen then by all means use eHow to buat duit di internet. Nevertheless, eHow can be a good way to bring in more readers to your blog.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Write eBook to buat duit online

Everyday someone release a new e-book or reports to the internet. It could be about buat duit online, or how to buat duit cepat. The secret is that not every of these eBook is written by the owners. Many of them hire someone that is called ghostwriters to write their ebooks.

If you are a talented writer and have some extra free time, consider being a ghostwriter. There are always people that are willing to hire you. It is possible to make a very lucrative income being a ghostwriter.

The main responsibility of a ghostwriter includes the following:

1) You will need to follow the exact instructions provided by your client.
2) The contents of the ebook must be well thought out and well research. In addition to that the information has to be accurate
3) No plagiarize material from other websites or documents. The contents should always be original.
4) No one likes grammar or spelling errors, therefore your contents should have none of these.
5) Normally you will be given a certain time frame to complete the ebook or articles.

It is important to know that your client owns the final right to your eBook or articles. He or she has the right to modify its contents when necessary. There is a lot of information out there on how you can start writing ebooks for someone else. It will be best if you can convert the finish product to a PDF document as it is much easier for your client to sell the eBook online.

Depending on the niche of the eBook you might get paid from $2 to $8 per page. If you are writing an article, you might get paid $2 to $5 for 500 words. It has to do a lot with your ability as well. If you are well known, you obviously can negotiate to be paid more. Can you imagine making $300 to $500 per month? It make a great pendapatan sampingan or know also as side income.

Creating an eBook or writing article is a time consuming activity. You will need to come out with fresh new ideas and interesting ways to present your product. If you have the capabilities, consider yourself being a ghostwriter. You could start making it a career and buat duit online.

Review website or products to buat duit online

Bloggers can now buat duit online by providing their honest reviews on products with It’s a great way for bloggers to make some side income by just writing a review on any products.

The best part about is that it provides opportunity for advertisers as well. If you have a product, you can select which blogger to review the product for you. Since there are millions of bloggers out there, your product will surely get the necessary attention. In addition to that if you have a website, you will be sure to see an increase of web traffic.

Now for the best part, being a blogger. You are definitely able to make pendapatan sampingan or also known as side income. Blogger are allowed to write a review on the topic that is related to their niche. In order to qualify for a review, the blogger will have to bid on the opportunity provided by the advertiser. Not to worry, there are a log of opportunities, so every blogger will have a chance to review.

However not all blogs qualify. There are some restrictions of course. Your blog must have at least 10 non paid post with a minimum 200 words in the content. Furthermore your blog have to be at least 3 months old. The people at SponsoredReviews will normally check your blog archive and randomly check the older post. They want to make sure your blog is not a spam blog. Furthermore your blog might get rejected if it has very little traffic.

All of the payment is done through paypal of course. It’s much easier than waiting for a check in the mail. I am sure by now you have at least a paypal account. If not, you can just easily head down to paypal website and create an account.

If you love to write and already have a blog that is at least 3 months old, why not give a try? Your blog might be accepted and you can start to buat duit online.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Duit Cepat

Everyone wishes for duit cepat. If you translate the phrase it means “fast money”. Do you every dream of getting money fast. I do and I think everyone else on the internet does.

However the sad reality of things is that there is no such thing as making money fast. Even though if there is, that person might have learned through time and years to perfect his/her technique on making money fast on the internet. But for newbies, we can forget about it.

I have personally search the internet on how to buat duit cepat. And believe me, there are huge amount of ebooks out there that you can buy to make a quick buck. These websites show you pictures of nice BMW cars, well decorated apartments and even their bank statements. How are they making their money? The answer is from people like you and me. We are buying their products. We are the ones that are making them richer by the minute.

So what are they really selling us? They are actually selling us the IDEA on how to buat duit cepat. They come out with techniques that are freely available on the internet if you know where to look.

There is no such thing as fast money. I believe that you have to work hard to achieve this. It’s never easy making money online. It’s basically like a business. If you do not promote your business, no one will know that it exists.

I have to admit that I have fallen to the make fast money scam. I bought an eBook for 47 dollars, read it and tried to implement the techniques suggested. Guess what, it did not work. And worst of all, the information in the book can be found freely on the internet. It even states clearly on their website that if you’re not satisfied with the book, they will refund 100% of your money. I tried to get back my money but guess what, the person never bother to reply to my email. I just had to accept the fact that I have lost 47 dollars.

Please don’t get me wrong I am not saying that all of the eBooks out there are scams. Some are really well written and I have learned a lot from them. But these types of quality eBooks never advertise that you can make money in a short time.

Everyone think it’s easy to start buat duit online. I have tried and it’s not that easy. You have to compete with a lot of people. There is just so much learn and there are already tons of experts out there that are doing the same thing. It’s easy to create a blog and put up Google Adsense and pray that someone will click on something. But that is far from the truth. There is a technique in writing your content so that at the end of it, it makes your reader want to click on the advertisement.

These I have learned over time and through a lot of reading on the internet. Some methods make sense and some not so. There really is no “the best” method. All you have to do is find one method that suits your style and improve upon it. So do you still think there is a real way to buat duit cepat?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

SEO The Key Ingredient in Buat Duit Online blogs

Perhaps after creating content for your buat duit online blog, the next thing you should look at is Search engine optimization or better known as SEO. This is actually an on going process that you will need to implement throughout the lifecycle of your blog.

If you are wondering why SEO is actually important, then all you need to do is just google the term buat duit. There are millions of website that has this term within the blog, however, what makes a blog being displayed in the top 10 of the google search result? Repeat after me, SEO.

I am going to provide you with 5 simple steps on how you can optimize your keyword.

1. Selecting the Right Keyword
The first step to any successful SEO is to perform a comprehensive keyword research. If you choose a competitive niche keyword such as make money, be prepared to go against millions of website that have already used this niche for years. Plus you will have to compete with these blog owners which have already years and years of experience and resources to put them on top 10 of the search result.

2. Include the keywords
You should always try to use your niche keyword within your post. However make sure that your keyword is only used 3-5% percent of your post contents. Over used the word and Google might consider it to be a spam blog. You do not want that to happen as it takes a lot of effort just to bring your blog out from that situation. I would suggest that you use a word count tool to ensure that your important keywords fall within that mention percentage.

3. A Website Relationship
Do not every participate in those cheap link building campaigns. Trust me on this. You will see your blog’s PR drop. Google algorithm now is smart enough to detect these link building sites. Instead it’s better to build a one to one personal relationship with another blog owner. That way you could always request for a link exchange.

4. Content is King
Hands down, content is king. Without content no one will read your blog. Try to write your blog content naturally. I have notice that google tends to favor blogs that have really long post and the contents that flow naturally. Try not to pay too much attention on optimizing your contents that you forget about the most important part of blogging.

5. Consult the experts
If you are running a business and have the money, I would suggest hiring an SEO consultant to help you with your website or blog. By optimizing your blog it could mean the difference between getting hundred or even thousand of sale per month. Therefore it’s definitely worth considering getting advice and assistance from the experts.

So there you have it, 5 simple tips that you can use in your blog. It is best that you try to do it all the time, but not to extensively. This will save you a lot of headache and time as you will not need to revisit previous post to optimize it. If you looking to be listed top 10 in the any search result for your buat duit online blog, then pay close attention to the above tips as they might just help you out.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Get your buat duit blog index fast

Get Your Buat Duit Blog index fast

When I first create this buat duit online blog, I was wondering how fast I could get the blog index by Google. I did a little experiment and my blog was index within 3 hours of it being setting up. I could have been lucky, but I bet you could do the same if you followed the below methods.

Before I proceed any further, let us examine why is it important to get your blog index as fast as possible. Well, let’s say you create a new blog called buat duit dengan youtube. If your blog do get index, there is a high chance that your post will be displayed in the search result if someone were to search on the related keywords. However please bare in mind that there are other factors that determine your blog position on Google search.

One of the best way to determine whether your blog has been index is to type in the command site:. If it returns a list of result that means your blog has been index.

Here are some sure ways of getting your blog index fast.

1) Squidoo
One of the best ways of getting your blog index fast is by submitting an article to Squidoo and include a link back to your blog. It is important that you use the proper anchor text as the link back to you blog. For example my keyword is buat duit online. You can have a look at my Squidoo article on how to make money. Best part about writing on Squidoo is that you stand a chance of making some money. You can include an Ebay or Amazon adverts within your lens. That way if any readers are interested, they can purchase the item and you gain a certain commission. How cool is that?

2) Hubpages
Similar to Squidoo, you can create any type of articles. In my opinion, hubpages is much easier to set up as the interface is much simpler compared to Squidoo. Once again, remember to include your link in the article.

3) Yahoo answer
You’ll be surprise how Yahoo answer can help index your site. All you need to do is find a relevant question that is related to your niche and provide the answer. You can then include a link to your blog as well. It’s that simple.

As for Yahoo answers, make sure you try to answer a question that related to you niche. I do understand that sometimes, it is hard to find the necessary question for you to provide an answer. So what can you do about it? You can always write a question and hope that “someone” answers the question. If you read between the lines you will know what I mean.

Regardless if your blog is about SEO, affiliate marketing or the good old buat duit online blog, the methods mention above will help you speed up the process being index. Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Requesting Link Exchange For Your Buat Duit Online Blog

Have you receive any emails lately for a reciprocal link request? The blog owner has a similar niche blog which is to buat duit online. However the weird part of the email is that the contents look like it has been generated by a software. Don’t you get tired of these kinds of email?

Here are some tips for you to get the link exchange through email:

1. It is only polite to create a link to the other person website. This shows that you are genuinely eager to exchange links.

2. What is the others person blog about? Is there any post that really stuck out? Most people that request for a link exchange never really bother to go through the content of the websites. All the information they require is the website page rank. The website owner will be able to sniff out your ill intention. At least provide some comments or compliments about the website when requesting a link exchange.

3. Make sure your email subject is straight forward and to the point. It’s better to let the other party know of your intention immediately.

4. Similar to the email subject, keep the body of the email concise. No one loves to read a 2 page email just for a link request.

5. Never ever write threatening emails like “If you do not add my link within 3 working days, your link will be removed.” It is not polite.

6. Once you have obtained the link, write a short thank you note. This will make you stand out from the rest of the other people. Who knows, it could benefit you later on.

Furthermore when requesting for a link exchange, make sure it will benefit all the people involve. You do not expect someone that you do not know to provide a link to your blog, when your blog PR is only 1 and his 6, right.

Ensure that you request a link from the same niche as well. If you blog is about buat duit di internet, than make sure the blog that you are requesting a link has a similar niche as well. Use common sense when requesting for a link. All you have to do is just put yourself in the shoes of the blog owner.

Have you requested a link exchange recently?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Using Twitter to buat duit online

I always wondered why people ever bother to create a twitter account. Then I realize something. Twitter has the potential to help you buat duit online. Yes that’s right, twitter can actually help you make duit.

Before we explore the possibility of even making money with twitter lets us examine how we can increase the number of twitter followers. Previously I had create a twitter account for another blog but I was too malu to include the twitter count because I had only 40 followers. So how did I increase my followers from 40 to 730?

I always wondered how some people can manage to increase their twitter account to the thousands even if they are not a celebrity. What was their trick? The point of getting more followers is to increase the chances of some one visiting your blog. Twitter is a really good way to get social traffic to your blog.

Have you heard of Twitter Follower? This website is created by the money making guru John Chow.

So how does twitter Follower work?

The concept is actually very simple. Anyone that you follow will follow you back. No questions ask. I told you it was simple. Sungguh mudah!!.

The problem with twitter is that if you’re non celebrity it’s hard to get followers. But with John Chow’s website, you will get the necessary followers.In order to sign up you need an existing account with twitter. Upon login in, you will be able to see a list of all the members. You just need to click on the follow button, and they will follow you.

You might argue what is the point to have over 700 followers but what no one actually visits your blog? There is some validity in your concern; it is all about the number game. Which one would you prefer to have, 40 followers or 700 followers? Let’s say if only 10% of the people actually visit your blog, would you prefer 4 visits or 70 visit?
The more visitors you have, the higher chance someone is going to click on something and that something = duit.

I have told you from the beginning that traffic is the heart and soul of any blog. If there is no traffic, there will not be worth buat duit online. In the next article we will examine some ways we can make money using twitter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adsenses is not the ONLY way to Buat Duit Online

In a way I am really sick and tired of people continually saying that adsense is the only way to go. Yes, no doubt you can buat duit online with adsense. Do you know that there are alternatives to Adsense?

Before I proceed to list out the alternatives I would suggest strongly that you do not immediately put any advertisements on your blog or else google might thing that you have created the blog solely for advertisement purposes. This might impact your pagerank. Worst your blog might get sandboxed by Google as well.

Anyways back to the topic at hand, it is good to know that there are alternatives to Adsense.

1) Adbrite
Once of the alternative to Adsense is adbrite. The signup process is fast and easy. One of the features that I like is that you can specify the type of adverts that you would like to be displayed.

2. Chitika
If your target audience is readers from North America then you consider Chitika. It provides some unique advertisements if compared to some of its competitors.

3. Bidvertiser
As the name says, advertisers will bid to display adverts on your blog. If your blog is popular then of course an advertiser will pay more to advertise on your blog. Similar like other online adverts all you need to do is just cut and paste the code.

4. Yahoo Publisher Network
This is Yahoo version of Adsense. You can make some duit from this adverts but the only thing that really bugs me is that you are not allowed to use any other adverts on you blog which I think can reduce the chances of you making more duit.

Regardless on what adverts you used, keep in mind that no matter how good your content or how well your adverts are place, without traffic your blog is doom for failure. I have personally tried out adbrite and chitika and made some duit from it but not that much. However it’s still money. Give these adverts a try and see which one work out best for your buat duti online blog.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promoting Your Buat Duit Online Blog For Free

There is a difference between a personal journal and a niche blog. The personal journal main reader will be you. However what if you are writing a blog on how to buat duit online? The real challenge for any newbie blogger is to attract readers. Traffic is much more important for a money making blog as these type of blogs requires their readers to click on the advertisement and ultimately purchasing a product.

Here are some ways to you help increase your blog traffic for free.

Interact With Your Readers
Make sure that you include a small post or a section piece about yourself and the aim of your blog. A lot of new bloggers fail to realize the importance of having an “about me” page or section. This is aimed at providing the readers with a face behind the blog and let’s the readers know a bit about the person behind the post. It would be even better if you could include a small profile picture in your blog.

As mention in another post, ensure that your readers are allowed to post their comments on your blogs. This in return can benefit you in 2 ways. One, it provides you with essential feedback on what your readers think about your post. Two, it provides you the opportunity for you to interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Do not be surprise if you start to notice the sudden increase in traffic because you have taken the time to reply them.

Free Article Marketing Resources
Regardless of the niche that you are writing about, you will still need to market your blog. If you writing about competitive niches such as buat duit on the internet, SEO, page rank, photography and many more you will need to work extra harder to promote your blog.

One of the best ways is to submit article related to your niche to free article directories such as, The best part about article writing is that they will allow you to include a backlink to your blog.

Blog Carnivals
You can think of blog carnivals as a collection of thousand of blogs. These carnivals gives the blogger another method of receiving quality links to their site. In order to participate in these carnivals all you need to do is just sign up and submit you blog. If you site does gets accepted you are guaranteed with some steady stream of quality traffic.

The best part about blog carnival is that it is free. You can check out the website at

Submit a Guess Post
Another great way to promote your blog is to write a guest post on a more popular blog. However the owner of the blog will have to make sure that your article is unique and only available to his/her blog. Most blog owners will allow the guess writer to include a link to their blog.

Marketing does not always require you to pay a lot of money to get the results. Always look for free avenues first before deciding to pay for something. That way you save more money instead of spending it. It is important as well to identify which marketing strategies work best for you. Once you have identify it, try to figure out how you can improve upon it further. Maintaining a buat duit online blog is like a real business. You need to constantly market your business to ensure that your customer is interested in your product.

Buat Duit Online With A Simple Blog

You might have notice that the design of this blog is very basic. It consist of a simple title that clearly states that this blog is how to buit duit online. The visitor is clear of the aim of this blog the very first time they visit it.

You also might have notice the other blogs that have beautiful graphics, nice fancy drop down menus or even flash graphics which cause the blog to load up slow. This could actually hurt the popularity of your blog

Here some tips on how to make your blog much more appealing to your readers:

1) Simple is better
Since your blog is concentrated on providing reading material to your readers, you don’t really need fancy graphics. Keep the design of the blog simple and yet elegant.

2) Ease of Reading
The layout of your blog plays an important role in this mater. Can you imagine a blog with adverts at the very top way before the content of the blog? Put yourself in your readers shoes, would you like to read a blog with adverts popping up even before you get the change to read the contents? The answer is a very big no.

3) Keep the flash at bay

Since you want to keep your blog simple, do away with the flash. Of course this really depends on your blog as well. If you are a graphic designer and your blog is about graphic design, then you might consider putting in a light weigh flash movie to entice your audience. However if you blog is about making money or blogging tips, then it not necessary to have these flash on your blog. It takes up your hosting bandwidth and might cause your blog to load really show. This could be a turn off factor for your readers.buat duit online

4) Allow your user to comment
This is a good way the readers to interact with you. It encourages the readers to pay more attention to your article as well as the need to understand the contents in order to provide a proper comment. However it is important to reply to your reader comments as well to ensure there is a 2 way communication. This will result first time visitors to loyal readers.

5) Insert relevant graphics
It is all right to include a graphic that is relevant to the current post. Images stimulates the reader to remember more as it greatly increase the reader’s attention.

6) Wording Layout
Ensure that you post is separated into necessary paragraphs and align accordingly. This make it easier for someone to read dense post.

With all this tips in mind, your readers will experience a much more pleasant time while reading the contents of your blog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buat Duit Online

You have stumble upon this blog with the title buat duit online and most likely wondering what does it mean. It basically means “make money online” when translated from Malay to English. Like you, I am also trying to make some extra cash using the internet.

I guess you, I and a million people have heard that internet is a huge cash cow. Everyone wants to be an internet millionaire. But how many truly succeed? Everyone expects to be the next John Chow, making thousands of thousand of dollars monthly just by blogging about how to earn extra money. I guess that is everyone dream job.

My friend use to ask me “So how’s your duit internet?”. Duit as we previously have discussed means money. He was implying whether I have become rich from my so called money making blogs.

I told him that to make duit, it’s not an overnight process. It takes time and effort. Everyone has the misconception that you can simply create a blog, sit back, relax and watch the money flow into your bank account.

Well, to be honest I had that misconception as well. One day I came across a website that promises to help me make money on the internet. The website showed the screen shots of the person paypal and Maybank2u account. I was blown away. That person made about 3000 dollars PER DAY. That is a huge sum of money. Can you ever imagine yourself earning such an income per day? To top it up, he even showed pictures of his car and apartment. That person is definitely rich. I wanted to be like him. All I had to do was purchase the ebook for 50 dollars.

I was sold to the idea and immediately proceed to purchase the eBook. I won’t go in the details of what was detailed in the eBook but what I needed to do was first create as simple blog. Once I have done that all I have to do was sell the products online. This is basically called affiliate marketing. There are well established companies such as ClickBank that offers tons of products to be sold online. If you manage to sell any products you will then get a commission ranging from 30 to 70 percent commission. I wondered to myself, how hard is it just to sell a product.

The next thing the eBook recommended was to monetize my blog by using the every popular Adsense. I will be expecting at least thousand of dollars generated from clicks on these advertisements that are place within my blog. I was really happy and all I needed to do was sit back and relax.

Did I make any duit, money, cash or whatever you want to call it? I did not sell anything, however I did get some money from the Adsense. If you consider 10 cents from 2 clicks actual earning from a blog. I wondered what could be wrong with my blog. I mean I followed everything in the eBook. Shouldn’t I be getting some money now?

It then dawn on me that instead of getting a passive income monthly I was actually making the author of the eBook richer. The methods in the eBook failed to mention some important facts about marketing your product out there.

Let’s put it this way, without traffic, there won’t be anyone visiting your blog. How can you sell a product if people do not know that you are selling it at the first place? Then it make perfect sense that I needed to increase the number of people visiting my blog.

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog is by writing articles and submitting them on line to article directories. The best part about writing articles is that you are allowed to include you niche keyword into the anchor text. This is one of the ways for you to get backlinks.

The more backlinks that you have, the more rank Google will give you when someone searches the phrase related to you niche keyword. People have said that content is king and I consider backlinks to be queen.

Another important factor left out by the eBook is Search engine optimization or better known as SEO. Without it your blog contents will not be properly crawled by the search engine spiders. Therefore it’s important to know that there’s more than just creating contents for your blog.

I know that there are a lot of new terms that have been thrown around in this blog. Obviously we can’t learn all of this overnight. It takes time and patience. Let us learn together on how to buat duit online.