Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Using Twitter to buat duit online

I always wondered why people ever bother to create a twitter account. Then I realize something. Twitter has the potential to help you buat duit online. Yes that’s right, twitter can actually help you make duit.

Before we explore the possibility of even making money with twitter lets us examine how we can increase the number of twitter followers. Previously I had create a twitter account for another blog but I was too malu to include the twitter count because I had only 40 followers. So how did I increase my followers from 40 to 730?

I always wondered how some people can manage to increase their twitter account to the thousands even if they are not a celebrity. What was their trick? The point of getting more followers is to increase the chances of some one visiting your blog. Twitter is a really good way to get social traffic to your blog.

Have you heard of Twitter Follower? This website is created by the money making guru John Chow.

So how does twitter Follower work?

The concept is actually very simple. Anyone that you follow will follow you back. No questions ask. I told you it was simple. Sungguh mudah!!.

The problem with twitter is that if you’re non celebrity it’s hard to get followers. But with John Chow’s website, you will get the necessary followers.In order to sign up you need an existing account with twitter. Upon login in, you will be able to see a list of all the members. You just need to click on the follow button, and they will follow you.

You might argue what is the point to have over 700 followers but what no one actually visits your blog? There is some validity in your concern; it is all about the number game. Which one would you prefer to have, 40 followers or 700 followers? Let’s say if only 10% of the people actually visit your blog, would you prefer 4 visits or 70 visit?
The more visitors you have, the higher chance someone is going to click on something and that something = duit.

I have told you from the beginning that traffic is the heart and soul of any blog. If there is no traffic, there will not be worth buat duit online. In the next article we will examine some ways we can make money using twitter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adsenses is not the ONLY way to Buat Duit Online

In a way I am really sick and tired of people continually saying that adsense is the only way to go. Yes, no doubt you can buat duit online with adsense. Do you know that there are alternatives to Adsense?

Before I proceed to list out the alternatives I would suggest strongly that you do not immediately put any advertisements on your blog or else google might thing that you have created the blog solely for advertisement purposes. This might impact your pagerank. Worst your blog might get sandboxed by Google as well.

Anyways back to the topic at hand, it is good to know that there are alternatives to Adsense.

1) Adbrite
Once of the alternative to Adsense is adbrite. The signup process is fast and easy. One of the features that I like is that you can specify the type of adverts that you would like to be displayed.

2. Chitika
If your target audience is readers from North America then you consider Chitika. It provides some unique advertisements if compared to some of its competitors.

3. Bidvertiser
As the name says, advertisers will bid to display adverts on your blog. If your blog is popular then of course an advertiser will pay more to advertise on your blog. Similar like other online adverts all you need to do is just cut and paste the code.

4. Yahoo Publisher Network
This is Yahoo version of Adsense. You can make some duit from this adverts but the only thing that really bugs me is that you are not allowed to use any other adverts on you blog which I think can reduce the chances of you making more duit.

Regardless on what adverts you used, keep in mind that no matter how good your content or how well your adverts are place, without traffic your blog is doom for failure. I have personally tried out adbrite and chitika and made some duit from it but not that much. However it’s still money. Give these adverts a try and see which one work out best for your buat duti online blog.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promoting Your Buat Duit Online Blog For Free

There is a difference between a personal journal and a niche blog. The personal journal main reader will be you. However what if you are writing a blog on how to buat duit online? The real challenge for any newbie blogger is to attract readers. Traffic is much more important for a money making blog as these type of blogs requires their readers to click on the advertisement and ultimately purchasing a product.

Here are some ways to you help increase your blog traffic for free.

Interact With Your Readers
Make sure that you include a small post or a section piece about yourself and the aim of your blog. A lot of new bloggers fail to realize the importance of having an “about me” page or section. This is aimed at providing the readers with a face behind the blog and let’s the readers know a bit about the person behind the post. It would be even better if you could include a small profile picture in your blog.

As mention in another post, ensure that your readers are allowed to post their comments on your blogs. This in return can benefit you in 2 ways. One, it provides you with essential feedback on what your readers think about your post. Two, it provides you the opportunity for you to interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Do not be surprise if you start to notice the sudden increase in traffic because you have taken the time to reply them.

Free Article Marketing Resources
Regardless of the niche that you are writing about, you will still need to market your blog. If you writing about competitive niches such as buat duit on the internet, SEO, page rank, photography and many more you will need to work extra harder to promote your blog.

One of the best ways is to submit article related to your niche to free article directories such as GoArticles.com, iSnare.com. The best part about article writing is that they will allow you to include a backlink to your blog.

Blog Carnivals
You can think of blog carnivals as a collection of thousand of blogs. These carnivals gives the blogger another method of receiving quality links to their site. In order to participate in these carnivals all you need to do is just sign up and submit you blog. If you site does gets accepted you are guaranteed with some steady stream of quality traffic.

The best part about blog carnival is that it is free. You can check out the website at www.blogcarnival.com

Submit a Guess Post
Another great way to promote your blog is to write a guest post on a more popular blog. However the owner of the blog will have to make sure that your article is unique and only available to his/her blog. Most blog owners will allow the guess writer to include a link to their blog.

Marketing does not always require you to pay a lot of money to get the results. Always look for free avenues first before deciding to pay for something. That way you save more money instead of spending it. It is important as well to identify which marketing strategies work best for you. Once you have identify it, try to figure out how you can improve upon it further. Maintaining a buat duit online blog is like a real business. You need to constantly market your business to ensure that your customer is interested in your product.

Buat Duit Online With A Simple Blog

You might have notice that the design of this blog is very basic. It consist of a simple title that clearly states that this blog is how to buit duit online. The visitor is clear of the aim of this blog the very first time they visit it.

You also might have notice the other blogs that have beautiful graphics, nice fancy drop down menus or even flash graphics which cause the blog to load up slow. This could actually hurt the popularity of your blog

Here some tips on how to make your blog much more appealing to your readers:

1) Simple is better
Since your blog is concentrated on providing reading material to your readers, you don’t really need fancy graphics. Keep the design of the blog simple and yet elegant.

2) Ease of Reading
The layout of your blog plays an important role in this mater. Can you imagine a blog with adverts at the very top way before the content of the blog? Put yourself in your readers shoes, would you like to read a blog with adverts popping up even before you get the change to read the contents? The answer is a very big no.

3) Keep the flash at bay

Since you want to keep your blog simple, do away with the flash. Of course this really depends on your blog as well. If you are a graphic designer and your blog is about graphic design, then you might consider putting in a light weigh flash movie to entice your audience. However if you blog is about making money or blogging tips, then it not necessary to have these flash on your blog. It takes up your hosting bandwidth and might cause your blog to load really show. This could be a turn off factor for your readers.buat duit online

4) Allow your user to comment
This is a good way the readers to interact with you. It encourages the readers to pay more attention to your article as well as the need to understand the contents in order to provide a proper comment. However it is important to reply to your reader comments as well to ensure there is a 2 way communication. This will result first time visitors to loyal readers.

5) Insert relevant graphics
It is all right to include a graphic that is relevant to the current post. Images stimulates the reader to remember more as it greatly increase the reader’s attention.

6) Wording Layout
Ensure that you post is separated into necessary paragraphs and align accordingly. This make it easier for someone to read dense post.

With all this tips in mind, your readers will experience a much more pleasant time while reading the contents of your blog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buat Duit Online

You have stumble upon this blog with the title buat duit online and most likely wondering what does it mean. It basically means “make money online” when translated from Malay to English. Like you, I am also trying to make some extra cash using the internet.

I guess you, I and a million people have heard that internet is a huge cash cow. Everyone wants to be an internet millionaire. But how many truly succeed? Everyone expects to be the next John Chow, making thousands of thousand of dollars monthly just by blogging about how to earn extra money. I guess that is everyone dream job.

My friend use to ask me “So how’s your duit internet?”. Duit as we previously have discussed means money. He was implying whether I have become rich from my so called money making blogs.

I told him that to make duit, it’s not an overnight process. It takes time and effort. Everyone has the misconception that you can simply create a blog, sit back, relax and watch the money flow into your bank account.

Well, to be honest I had that misconception as well. One day I came across a website that promises to help me make money on the internet. The website showed the screen shots of the person paypal and Maybank2u account. I was blown away. That person made about 3000 dollars PER DAY. That is a huge sum of money. Can you ever imagine yourself earning such an income per day? To top it up, he even showed pictures of his car and apartment. That person is definitely rich. I wanted to be like him. All I had to do was purchase the ebook for 50 dollars.

I was sold to the idea and immediately proceed to purchase the eBook. I won’t go in the details of what was detailed in the eBook but what I needed to do was first create as simple blog. Once I have done that all I have to do was sell the products online. This is basically called affiliate marketing. There are well established companies such as ClickBank that offers tons of products to be sold online. If you manage to sell any products you will then get a commission ranging from 30 to 70 percent commission. I wondered to myself, how hard is it just to sell a product.

The next thing the eBook recommended was to monetize my blog by using the every popular Adsense. I will be expecting at least thousand of dollars generated from clicks on these advertisements that are place within my blog. I was really happy and all I needed to do was sit back and relax.

Did I make any duit, money, cash or whatever you want to call it? I did not sell anything, however I did get some money from the Adsense. If you consider 10 cents from 2 clicks actual earning from a blog. I wondered what could be wrong with my blog. I mean I followed everything in the eBook. Shouldn’t I be getting some money now?

It then dawn on me that instead of getting a passive income monthly I was actually making the author of the eBook richer. The methods in the eBook failed to mention some important facts about marketing your product out there.

Let’s put it this way, without traffic, there won’t be anyone visiting your blog. How can you sell a product if people do not know that you are selling it at the first place? Then it make perfect sense that I needed to increase the number of people visiting my blog.

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog is by writing articles and submitting them on line to article directories. The best part about writing articles is that you are allowed to include you niche keyword into the anchor text. This is one of the ways for you to get backlinks.

The more backlinks that you have, the more rank Google will give you when someone searches the phrase related to you niche keyword. People have said that content is king and I consider backlinks to be queen.

Another important factor left out by the eBook is Search engine optimization or better known as SEO. Without it your blog contents will not be properly crawled by the search engine spiders. Therefore it’s important to know that there’s more than just creating contents for your blog.

I know that there are a lot of new terms that have been thrown around in this blog. Obviously we can’t learn all of this overnight. It takes time and patience. Let us learn together on how to buat duit online.