Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adsenses is not the ONLY way to Buat Duit Online

In a way I am really sick and tired of people continually saying that adsense is the only way to go. Yes, no doubt you can buat duit online with adsense. Do you know that there are alternatives to Adsense?

Before I proceed to list out the alternatives I would suggest strongly that you do not immediately put any advertisements on your blog or else google might thing that you have created the blog solely for advertisement purposes. This might impact your pagerank. Worst your blog might get sandboxed by Google as well.

Anyways back to the topic at hand, it is good to know that there are alternatives to Adsense.

1) Adbrite
Once of the alternative to Adsense is adbrite. The signup process is fast and easy. One of the features that I like is that you can specify the type of adverts that you would like to be displayed.

2. Chitika
If your target audience is readers from North America then you consider Chitika. It provides some unique advertisements if compared to some of its competitors.

3. Bidvertiser
As the name says, advertisers will bid to display adverts on your blog. If your blog is popular then of course an advertiser will pay more to advertise on your blog. Similar like other online adverts all you need to do is just cut and paste the code.

4. Yahoo Publisher Network
This is Yahoo version of Adsense. You can make some duit from this adverts but the only thing that really bugs me is that you are not allowed to use any other adverts on you blog which I think can reduce the chances of you making more duit.

Regardless on what adverts you used, keep in mind that no matter how good your content or how well your adverts are place, without traffic your blog is doom for failure. I have personally tried out adbrite and chitika and made some duit from it but not that much. However it’s still money. Give these adverts a try and see which one work out best for your buat duti online blog.


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