Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buat Duit Online With A Simple Blog

You might have notice that the design of this blog is very basic. It consist of a simple title that clearly states that this blog is how to buit duit online. The visitor is clear of the aim of this blog the very first time they visit it.

You also might have notice the other blogs that have beautiful graphics, nice fancy drop down menus or even flash graphics which cause the blog to load up slow. This could actually hurt the popularity of your blog

Here some tips on how to make your blog much more appealing to your readers:

1) Simple is better
Since your blog is concentrated on providing reading material to your readers, you don’t really need fancy graphics. Keep the design of the blog simple and yet elegant.

2) Ease of Reading
The layout of your blog plays an important role in this mater. Can you imagine a blog with adverts at the very top way before the content of the blog? Put yourself in your readers shoes, would you like to read a blog with adverts popping up even before you get the change to read the contents? The answer is a very big no.

3) Keep the flash at bay

Since you want to keep your blog simple, do away with the flash. Of course this really depends on your blog as well. If you are a graphic designer and your blog is about graphic design, then you might consider putting in a light weigh flash movie to entice your audience. However if you blog is about making money or blogging tips, then it not necessary to have these flash on your blog. It takes up your hosting bandwidth and might cause your blog to load really show. This could be a turn off factor for your readers.buat duit online

4) Allow your user to comment
This is a good way the readers to interact with you. It encourages the readers to pay more attention to your article as well as the need to understand the contents in order to provide a proper comment. However it is important to reply to your reader comments as well to ensure there is a 2 way communication. This will result first time visitors to loyal readers.

5) Insert relevant graphics
It is all right to include a graphic that is relevant to the current post. Images stimulates the reader to remember more as it greatly increase the reader’s attention.

6) Wording Layout
Ensure that you post is separated into necessary paragraphs and align accordingly. This make it easier for someone to read dense post.

With all this tips in mind, your readers will experience a much more pleasant time while reading the contents of your blog.


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