Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Using Twitter to buat duit online

I always wondered why people ever bother to create a twitter account. Then I realize something. Twitter has the potential to help you buat duit online. Yes that’s right, twitter can actually help you make duit.

Before we explore the possibility of even making money with twitter lets us examine how we can increase the number of twitter followers. Previously I had create a twitter account for another blog but I was too malu to include the twitter count because I had only 40 followers. So how did I increase my followers from 40 to 730?

I always wondered how some people can manage to increase their twitter account to the thousands even if they are not a celebrity. What was their trick? The point of getting more followers is to increase the chances of some one visiting your blog. Twitter is a really good way to get social traffic to your blog.

Have you heard of Twitter Follower? This website is created by the money making guru John Chow.

So how does twitter Follower work?

The concept is actually very simple. Anyone that you follow will follow you back. No questions ask. I told you it was simple. Sungguh mudah!!.

The problem with twitter is that if you’re non celebrity it’s hard to get followers. But with John Chow’s website, you will get the necessary followers.In order to sign up you need an existing account with twitter. Upon login in, you will be able to see a list of all the members. You just need to click on the follow button, and they will follow you.

You might argue what is the point to have over 700 followers but what no one actually visits your blog? There is some validity in your concern; it is all about the number game. Which one would you prefer to have, 40 followers or 700 followers? Let’s say if only 10% of the people actually visit your blog, would you prefer 4 visits or 70 visit?
The more visitors you have, the higher chance someone is going to click on something and that something = duit.

I have told you from the beginning that traffic is the heart and soul of any blog. If there is no traffic, there will not be worth buat duit online. In the next article we will examine some ways we can make money using twitter.


Miguel said...

Hello, thanks for your comment at thoushallblog. You're right, for many it's a big numbers game. I've managed to increase my Twitter following by reaching out to folks with similar interests, along with helping to answer other people's questions; as well as sharing useful links. :)


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