Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promoting Your Buat Duit Online Blog For Free

There is a difference between a personal journal and a niche blog. The personal journal main reader will be you. However what if you are writing a blog on how to buat duit online? The real challenge for any newbie blogger is to attract readers. Traffic is much more important for a money making blog as these type of blogs requires their readers to click on the advertisement and ultimately purchasing a product.

Here are some ways to you help increase your blog traffic for free.

Interact With Your Readers
Make sure that you include a small post or a section piece about yourself and the aim of your blog. A lot of new bloggers fail to realize the importance of having an “about me” page or section. This is aimed at providing the readers with a face behind the blog and let’s the readers know a bit about the person behind the post. It would be even better if you could include a small profile picture in your blog.

As mention in another post, ensure that your readers are allowed to post their comments on your blogs. This in return can benefit you in 2 ways. One, it provides you with essential feedback on what your readers think about your post. Two, it provides you the opportunity for you to interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Do not be surprise if you start to notice the sudden increase in traffic because you have taken the time to reply them.

Free Article Marketing Resources
Regardless of the niche that you are writing about, you will still need to market your blog. If you writing about competitive niches such as buat duit on the internet, SEO, page rank, photography and many more you will need to work extra harder to promote your blog.

One of the best ways is to submit article related to your niche to free article directories such as, The best part about article writing is that they will allow you to include a backlink to your blog.

Blog Carnivals
You can think of blog carnivals as a collection of thousand of blogs. These carnivals gives the blogger another method of receiving quality links to their site. In order to participate in these carnivals all you need to do is just sign up and submit you blog. If you site does gets accepted you are guaranteed with some steady stream of quality traffic.

The best part about blog carnival is that it is free. You can check out the website at

Submit a Guess Post
Another great way to promote your blog is to write a guest post on a more popular blog. However the owner of the blog will have to make sure that your article is unique and only available to his/her blog. Most blog owners will allow the guess writer to include a link to their blog.

Marketing does not always require you to pay a lot of money to get the results. Always look for free avenues first before deciding to pay for something. That way you save more money instead of spending it. It is important as well to identify which marketing strategies work best for you. Once you have identify it, try to figure out how you can improve upon it further. Maintaining a buat duit online blog is like a real business. You need to constantly market your business to ensure that your customer is interested in your product.


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