Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buat Duit Online

You have stumble upon this blog with the title buat duit online and most likely wondering what does it mean. It basically means “make money online” when translated from Malay to English. Like you, I am also trying to make some extra cash using the internet.

I guess you, I and a million people have heard that internet is a huge cash cow. Everyone wants to be an internet millionaire. But how many truly succeed? Everyone expects to be the next John Chow, making thousands of thousand of dollars monthly just by blogging about how to earn extra money. I guess that is everyone dream job.

My friend use to ask me “So how’s your duit internet?”. Duit as we previously have discussed means money. He was implying whether I have become rich from my so called money making blogs.

I told him that to make duit, it’s not an overnight process. It takes time and effort. Everyone has the misconception that you can simply create a blog, sit back, relax and watch the money flow into your bank account.

Well, to be honest I had that misconception as well. One day I came across a website that promises to help me make money on the internet. The website showed the screen shots of the person paypal and Maybank2u account. I was blown away. That person made about 3000 dollars PER DAY. That is a huge sum of money. Can you ever imagine yourself earning such an income per day? To top it up, he even showed pictures of his car and apartment. That person is definitely rich. I wanted to be like him. All I had to do was purchase the ebook for 50 dollars.

I was sold to the idea and immediately proceed to purchase the eBook. I won’t go in the details of what was detailed in the eBook but what I needed to do was first create as simple blog. Once I have done that all I have to do was sell the products online. This is basically called affiliate marketing. There are well established companies such as ClickBank that offers tons of products to be sold online. If you manage to sell any products you will then get a commission ranging from 30 to 70 percent commission. I wondered to myself, how hard is it just to sell a product.

The next thing the eBook recommended was to monetize my blog by using the every popular Adsense. I will be expecting at least thousand of dollars generated from clicks on these advertisements that are place within my blog. I was really happy and all I needed to do was sit back and relax.

Did I make any duit, money, cash or whatever you want to call it? I did not sell anything, however I did get some money from the Adsense. If you consider 10 cents from 2 clicks actual earning from a blog. I wondered what could be wrong with my blog. I mean I followed everything in the eBook. Shouldn’t I be getting some money now?

It then dawn on me that instead of getting a passive income monthly I was actually making the author of the eBook richer. The methods in the eBook failed to mention some important facts about marketing your product out there.

Let’s put it this way, without traffic, there won’t be anyone visiting your blog. How can you sell a product if people do not know that you are selling it at the first place? Then it make perfect sense that I needed to increase the number of people visiting my blog.

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog is by writing articles and submitting them on line to article directories. The best part about writing articles is that you are allowed to include you niche keyword into the anchor text. This is one of the ways for you to get backlinks.

The more backlinks that you have, the more rank Google will give you when someone searches the phrase related to you niche keyword. People have said that content is king and I consider backlinks to be queen.

Another important factor left out by the eBook is Search engine optimization or better known as SEO. Without it your blog contents will not be properly crawled by the search engine spiders. Therefore it’s important to know that there’s more than just creating contents for your blog.

I know that there are a lot of new terms that have been thrown around in this blog. Obviously we can’t learn all of this overnight. It takes time and patience. Let us learn together on how to buat duit online.


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