Monday, July 13, 2009

Buat Duit Di Internet

Do you love to write? If you do you could be buat duit di internet by writing articles on websites such as eHow or Helium. Today we will take a look at how eHow could help you buat duit.


This website is a basically a community that provides articles or videos to help people solve live daily simple problems. These articles are written by common folk like you and me.

Becoming an eHow member.

Just like any other websites, you will need to register to become member. It is simple process and all you just need to do is provide your relevant information such as your name, email address , username and so on. Once your account is created you can start making money.

Buat Duit with eHow

Every writer that contributed an article or video to eHow are able to buat duit. The more popular the your article, the more payment you receive. Therefore when you write an article make sure that it will be popular. And in order to do that you will have to put your heart and soul to ensure that the article that you produce is of highest quality.

If you want to buat duit cepat then eHow is not the best solution for you. Some writers have claim that they have easily made about $1000 dollars per month. However you will need to have written a lot of articles to earn that kind of passive income.

The only downside to eHow is that payment is only available to US citizens. You might be thinking, so what's the point if I am not from the US?

Well think of eHow as a platform to promote your blog or website. Your articles will be expose to millions of readers out there and I am sure that you will see an increase of traffic to your blog. However if you are a US citizen then by all means use eHow to buat duit di internet. Nevertheless, eHow can be a good way to bring in more readers to your blog.


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