Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Requesting Link Exchange For Your Buat Duit Online Blog

Have you receive any emails lately for a reciprocal link request? The blog owner has a similar niche blog which is to buat duit online. However the weird part of the email is that the contents look like it has been generated by a software. Don’t you get tired of these kinds of email?

Here are some tips for you to get the link exchange through email:

1. It is only polite to create a link to the other person website. This shows that you are genuinely eager to exchange links.

2. What is the others person blog about? Is there any post that really stuck out? Most people that request for a link exchange never really bother to go through the content of the websites. All the information they require is the website page rank. The website owner will be able to sniff out your ill intention. At least provide some comments or compliments about the website when requesting a link exchange.

3. Make sure your email subject is straight forward and to the point. It’s better to let the other party know of your intention immediately.

4. Similar to the email subject, keep the body of the email concise. No one loves to read a 2 page email just for a link request.

5. Never ever write threatening emails like “If you do not add my link within 3 working days, your link will be removed.” It is not polite.

6. Once you have obtained the link, write a short thank you note. This will make you stand out from the rest of the other people. Who knows, it could benefit you later on.

Furthermore when requesting for a link exchange, make sure it will benefit all the people involve. You do not expect someone that you do not know to provide a link to your blog, when your blog PR is only 1 and his 6, right.

Ensure that you request a link from the same niche as well. If you blog is about buat duit di internet, than make sure the blog that you are requesting a link has a similar niche as well. Use common sense when requesting for a link. All you have to do is just put yourself in the shoes of the blog owner.

Have you requested a link exchange recently?


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