Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review website or products to buat duit online

Bloggers can now buat duit online by providing their honest reviews on products with It’s a great way for bloggers to make some side income by just writing a review on any products.

The best part about is that it provides opportunity for advertisers as well. If you have a product, you can select which blogger to review the product for you. Since there are millions of bloggers out there, your product will surely get the necessary attention. In addition to that if you have a website, you will be sure to see an increase of web traffic.

Now for the best part, being a blogger. You are definitely able to make pendapatan sampingan or also known as side income. Blogger are allowed to write a review on the topic that is related to their niche. In order to qualify for a review, the blogger will have to bid on the opportunity provided by the advertiser. Not to worry, there are a log of opportunities, so every blogger will have a chance to review.

However not all blogs qualify. There are some restrictions of course. Your blog must have at least 10 non paid post with a minimum 200 words in the content. Furthermore your blog have to be at least 3 months old. The people at SponsoredReviews will normally check your blog archive and randomly check the older post. They want to make sure your blog is not a spam blog. Furthermore your blog might get rejected if it has very little traffic.

All of the payment is done through paypal of course. It’s much easier than waiting for a check in the mail. I am sure by now you have at least a paypal account. If not, you can just easily head down to paypal website and create an account.

If you love to write and already have a blog that is at least 3 months old, why not give a try? Your blog might be accepted and you can start to buat duit online.


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