Friday, July 3, 2009

Get your buat duit blog index fast

Get Your Buat Duit Blog index fast

When I first create this buat duit online blog, I was wondering how fast I could get the blog index by Google. I did a little experiment and my blog was index within 3 hours of it being setting up. I could have been lucky, but I bet you could do the same if you followed the below methods.

Before I proceed any further, let us examine why is it important to get your blog index as fast as possible. Well, let’s say you create a new blog called buat duit dengan youtube. If your blog do get index, there is a high chance that your post will be displayed in the search result if someone were to search on the related keywords. However please bare in mind that there are other factors that determine your blog position on Google search.

One of the best way to determine whether your blog has been index is to type in the command site:. If it returns a list of result that means your blog has been index.

Here are some sure ways of getting your blog index fast.

1) Squidoo
One of the best ways of getting your blog index fast is by submitting an article to Squidoo and include a link back to your blog. It is important that you use the proper anchor text as the link back to you blog. For example my keyword is buat duit online. You can have a look at my Squidoo article on how to make money. Best part about writing on Squidoo is that you stand a chance of making some money. You can include an Ebay or Amazon adverts within your lens. That way if any readers are interested, they can purchase the item and you gain a certain commission. How cool is that?

2) Hubpages
Similar to Squidoo, you can create any type of articles. In my opinion, hubpages is much easier to set up as the interface is much simpler compared to Squidoo. Once again, remember to include your link in the article.

3) Yahoo answer
You’ll be surprise how Yahoo answer can help index your site. All you need to do is find a relevant question that is related to your niche and provide the answer. You can then include a link to your blog as well. It’s that simple.

As for Yahoo answers, make sure you try to answer a question that related to you niche. I do understand that sometimes, it is hard to find the necessary question for you to provide an answer. So what can you do about it? You can always write a question and hope that “someone” answers the question. If you read between the lines you will know what I mean.

Regardless if your blog is about SEO, affiliate marketing or the good old buat duit online blog, the methods mention above will help you speed up the process being index. Good Luck.


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